Making Junky Food More Healthy: Adding Veggies to Alphabet Soup

Alphabet soup with carrots, onions and red bell pepper

It is a constant battle to get my family to eat nutricious food. They love junk. I try to sneak in healthy stuff whenever I can and alphabet soup, even though it isn´t the most nutritious food, can get a boost from some added veggies. For my toddler (and actually for my husband too), the trick has been to grate them.

Every now and then I make a pack of Alphabet Soup from a packet because my husband loves it. Last night I made one to accompany the fish tacos and salad I made for dinner. I hadn´t made one in so long that I forgot that I usually add some veggies to it. I remembered this after my super picky 2 and half year old asked for a third serving of it. My husband commented that he asked for more of something, virtually unheard of by our hummingbird eater. I replied that it is great that he was eating but it wasn´t very healthy and he asked why I hadn´t added some veggies. Well, I forgot.

So, this morning, my strange and picky eater asked for soup after eating a guava, five bites of oatmeal, and a few pieces of raw onion (yes, he asked for raw onion…). So, I decided to make him some soup and sneak in some veggies.

I grated up a carrot, a chunk of onion (about a 1/4 cup), and half of a red bell pepper. I would have added some zucchini but I don´t have any at the moment. I put the veggies and water and pot and when it came to a boil I added my packet of alphabet soup mix. I boiled it the time it said on the packet, added a little more water because it looked thick, and that was it. Simple.

Bring to a boil and add the soup mix. Cook according to the instructions on the packet and add more water if it becomes to thick.
Add a little more water than what the packet of soup mix calls for, maybe a 1/4 cup

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